When the thoughts in my head become words in my mouth.

Ever heard this one? “Think before you speak.” Now here is my problem, I do. Oh what? Did I say something? Hmmm, it wasn’t politically correct? 

Basically I am just tired of every one being so shocked by the things that come out of my mouth. Let us face it, better out than in. 

So my thought of the day….still waiting for my ex to die. For those of you that think this may turn into a Dateline special, sorry, I haven’t thought it out completely yet. Unfortunately, I would get caught. I only know this because the good people always do and I always keep in mind that no good deed goes unpunished. I am just patiently waiting for my ex to do it himself. I am watching 1000 Ways to Die and ohhh the possibilities. 

I know we aren’t supposed to wish ill will onto others and karma can be a bitch bu-ut, my life is already a living hell with him in it so how much worse could it be without him constantly doing things to fuck with me? Well, I will keep everyone posted, hopefully I’ll be done chiseling his headstone before it’s needed.

“Here lies an ass in a hole, hee haw.”